Hotel & Resort Housekeeping Services

Robles & Duckworth housekeeping services will clean your property from top to bottom, be it reception, staff offices, parking garages, meeting rooms or pool areas.

Every moment your guests spend on site contributes to their experience. We keep our standards high to make sure that experience is one worth sharing.

Services Offered
Robles & Duckworth Cleaning Services

• Buffing/polishing.
• Floor surface stripping.
• Vacuuming.
• Spot cleaning.
• Waxing/sealing.
• Dusting/wiping.
• Floor scrubbing.
• Perimeter cleaning. 
& more........

Public Spaces Cleaning

Robles & Duckworth clean corridors, foyers and entryways to start great experiences the moment your guests step through your front doors.

Bars and Restaurants Cleaning

Your bars and restaurants deliver a better dining experience when complemented by a clean atmosphere.

Special Project Services

Your building can be dust free, neat and tidy, and properly disinfected, but if your floors look rough, all the surface cleaning in the world can’t remedy it. Robles & Duckworth Cleaning Services is experienced in all types of project work. We can turn a dingy floor into a sparkling showpiece!
Be it is carpet cleaning or all types of hard floor care, Robles & Duckworth Cleaning Services use the very latest in floor finishes, strippers, and carpet cleaning agents to ensure the best possible result.
We also handle large and diverse post-construction clean-up. Having a Grand Opening? Call Us!

Project work wouldn’t be complete without window cleaning. Robles & Duckworth Cleaning Services are poised to handle most any job that comes our way. Do you require various tasks that may not be related to janitorial? Robles & Duckworth Cleaning Services do our best to accommodate most needs. Providing general janitorial services wouldn’t be complete without crews that are detail-oriented and specialists in providing project work. Get for your FREE quote today!

We Offer Janitorial Services For:

• Hotel & Resort
• Offices and office buildings
• Corporate offices
• Medical facilities
• Industrial buildings
• Warehouses
• Colleges and schools 


Robles & Duckworth
Cleaning Services

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